About Us

Aôra Voyage  

Aôra Voyage is a contemporary, environmentally conscious, and ethically produced lifestyle label that encapsulates change, hope and sustainability. Aôra Voyage has designed its swimwear, and soon to be released outerwear pieces to mix and match for style, comfort and fit for the woman who appreciates versatility and attention to detail.

At Aôra Voyage, we realise sustainability is a complex problem that profoundly questions our relationship with nature, and the ethics of our actions. Our company endeavours to be a socially and environmentally responsible business. Therefore, where possible, our swimwear is produced from the highest quality Italian eco-friendly lycra, made from industrial waste from the ocean such as discarded fishing nets collected through the Healthy Seas Initiative. We support three amazing charities in partnership with i=Change that support women in need to become independent and self-sufficient, along with environmental initiatives that restore our oceans. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining a close working relationship with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure they are using ethical and sustainable standards of manufacturing.